Women Empowering Themselves

The Mumba Children’s Project Centre in Mpongwe, Zambia offers the space for local women to get together, learn new skills and share skills.

As part of our Women’s Empowerment Programme we encourage the women to tap into the creative side of themselves and make things… here are a few exaples of the things that the women have made for their homes, for sale and for the empowerment of the wider community…

Mosaic edged mirror – complete!
Continuing with the production of functional decorative arts…
Ladies working on decorative functional arts...
Ladies working on decorative functional arts…

Keep it up ladies!

Women doing it for Themselves

Sight Savers comes to Mumba Children’s Project Centre, Mpongwe

Over 80 people went to the Mumba Day Care centre to have their eyes tested on the 4th May 2012, when SpecSavers visited Mpongwe and set up eye testing stations at the Mumba Children’s Project Centre and Mpongwe Hospital.

Testing adults and children alike; five people were diagnosed with serious eye ailments have been taken to Ndola Central Hospital to be operated on and be brought back to Mpongwe on Friday.

Several have been prescribed eye treatments and glasses to enhance eye sights –

Can you help? Please get in touch as we’d like to facilitate for SpecSavers to come back on a more regular basis.

Photos from the Sight Savers day at the Mumba Children’s Project Centre