Making Donations to The Mumba Children's Project

Every Item Donated to the Mumba Children's Project goes directly to the Children, Young People, Families, the Elderly and Disabled.

We don't hold anything back!

We need:

+ Clothing (baby's, boys, girls, teens, and adults)
+ Shoes ( all sizes, all ages, for boys, girls, teens, men and women)
+ Exercise books, writing and drawing paper, pens, pencils, crayons
+ Educational Toys and Games
+ Books (for all ages from nursery age and baby books through to books and magazines for adults.)
+ Fabric, Wool ; Art & Craft materials, general art supplies

Your Donations make the biggest difference in the lives of the children and people of Mpongwe

  • Some of the early learning toys and games which were donated to The Mumba Children's Project in the UK. These items are kept at the Mumba Children's Project Centre so that ALL the toddlers and young children can benefit from the donation!


If you choose to collect for us in your community, we have people who will arrange with you to come and collect, what you have gathered for shipment directly to Mpongwe.

In exchange for your donation, when your donation arrives and is distributed, we will film and photograph the joy you have brought and publish the evidence on our Facebook Page, which is also published here on our website - [See Facebook Feed in the menu above.]



Help us with Cash Donations

Your Cash Donation will help fund our project initiatives like:

  • Build the much needed Kitchen and Dining-room at the Mumba Children's Project Centre
  • Extend our education programme to include heath education for children and young people
  • Support Entrepreneurship through the various craft initiatives and so much more...

Without your help we can only dream...
Help us make dreams a reality!

Help us Pay for Shipping

Help us to ship goods that others have so very generously donated to us, by helping us pay for the shipping.

We need your help to get the many items of clothing, books, educational games and toys to Africa.

Please support the generosity of others and help us get the donated goods to where they are needed most!

Thank you!