Volunteer at the Mumba Children's Project Centre
Mpongwe, Zambia.

The Mumba Children's Project is heavily reliant on our Volunteers. We currently host bi-annual excursions to the Mumba Children's Centre, located on the outskirts of the village of Mpongwe and capital of Mpongwe district of the Copperbelt Province of Zambia.



We lead Volunteer Expeditions to Mpongwe twice a year.  

Expeditions are 14-days or 21-day in duration.

Volunteers are encouraged and welcome to come to Mpongwe with us, to provide practical hand-on support.

We could really do with the help and support of:

Sports Coaches
Art & Craft people
Health professionals



Volunteering in Person does have its costs ... However we have tried to make your investment in our project excellent value to your time an the experience!

Included in the costs we will provide:

* Return Flights from London
* Return Inland Flights and Transportation in Zambia.
* Food & Accomodation at a local holiday lodge which has all the mod-cons you'd find at home, (Electricity, running water, flushing toilets, showers, etc)
* Guided Tours and Sight-seeing experiences
* Plus the opportunity to work within the Mumba Children's  Centre to help deliver one of our projects, or a project which you may have designed especially for us, to enhance the lives of the children
and villagers.

All you have to do before you come is:

  1. Register with us, so that we can ensure that your Volunteering Experience with us is of a high standard.
  2. Get Immunised
  3. Get medical insurance
  4. Visas can be obtained at the port of entry - however if you want your visa in advance, let us know and we'll sort that out for you too!

Cost of Mumba Volunteers ~ Zambia Experience:

14-days all inclusive as described above: £2950.00

21-days all inclusive as described above: £3650.00

for dates and additional information about forthcoming expeditions or use the form provided