The Mumba Children’s project was initiated in August 2004, by Hildah Mulenga, after having lost her son in  an accident, where he was run down by a car while riding his bicycle, and later died from his injuries. To cope with the grief of the loss of her child Hildah decided to form a charity in his memory.

It is Hildah’s and the charity’s hope to encourage, support and enable the community and Africans in diaspora, living in but not limited to Southend, to come together through one voice.

Mumba Children’s project is a fully inclusive organisation and membership is open to all who have an interest in supporting the charity regardless of race, religion or ethnicity.

To facilitate and support the needs of the Children in Africa but not limited to Mpongwe, Zambia; by providing them with at least one meal per day, clean water, education and health.

We therefore welcome those well wishers to support our aims and objectives.

Our Vision

To be able to finish building a school where children will do their primary and secondary school educations in a safe clean environment while they have access to clean water, health with at least a meal per day.

 Our Achievements

  • Miss Malaika UK  (beauty pageant) held yearly since 2005
  • Miss Malaika UK 2009 Beauty Pageant Event At Wat Tyler Centre in Pitsea Basildon.
  • Sponsored Fund-raising Walk along Southend Sea Front and the pier.
  • 2009, 2010 Quarterly Sending of Container full of clothes and educational materials to Africa 

Organisation Information

Registered Charity Number: 1140653

Director: Hildah Mulenga

Secretary: Washington Ali

Trustee:  David Goodliff

Trustee: Vally Kitenge