2012 High Tea Fundraiser Update

The Mumba Day Care Centre women were the beneficiaries of the High Tea Fundraiser held on the 24th of March have decided to start rearing chickens with the money that was raised. Providing meat and eggs, this will add to the nutritional quality of the food we are able to provide for the children’s meal.

A lovely lady (a good friend) donated £100, two sisters who are acquaintances donated £ 15 and one young lady who shares our dream and passion, did not attend but instead donated £25.

Dear friends, £140 will start off the ladies with the purchase of chicks, feed, feeders etc.

They are making their own bricks, I (Hildah Mulenga) donated iron sheets and they will take turns in looking after the chickens.

Follow how your donation will be used here in our blog or on our facebook page.

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