Knickers for Africa Appeal

Around two years ago, Anita (The Knicker Lady) met Hildah (founder of the Mumba Children’s Project) by chance at an event, where Hildah had a stand promoting the work of her charity in Africa. As an Ambassador for World Vision and having her own interests in supporting children in Africa, Anita and Hildah started talking …

Anita is all about empowering women, and in one of her many conversations with Hildah, it transpired that the women  and girls of Mpongwe either can’t afford to buy knickers and if they can they go to market and buy second-hand knickers…

Following on from these early conversations about women and how Anita could support the work of the Mumba Children’s Project, helping us to empower the women of Mpongwe – Anita started the Knickers for Africa Campaign … with the support of friends, clients and the wider community Anita has collected hundreds of pairs of Brand-new Knickers for the girls and women of Mpongwe… in a very short space of time, Anita’s friends dubbed her “Anita ~ the Knicker Lady” and it’s a title that has stuck!

As Anita’s Knicker Campaign for the Mumba Children’s Project grew, the Knicker Campaign became known as “Empowering Women ~ Big Knicker Campaign”  from which the annual Big Knicker Walk is one of just many events that Anita organises and hosts on behalf of the Charity… In many ways Anita has become one of our Empowering Women Ambassadors…

Fast forward two years, and Anita has now collected several hundred pairs of Brand-new Knickers, which are shipped to Mpongwe at regular intervals.


This is what Anita has to say…

It’s about Confidence, it’s about pride, sense of protection, self control, it’s about empowerment. It’s more than just a wearing a new clean pair of knickers.

We aim to instil all the above in our girls and women of Mpongwe and beyond.

So everytime you go to buy a packet of knickers for yourself, spare a thought about the women that can’t afford to do this, and resort to buying second hand underwear. Second hand underwear brings about all sorts of diseases so help us help our less privileged in society by donating new underwear to us and we will ensure that we deliver to the young girls in schools and the women in rural Zambia.

Anita ~ The Knicker Lady collect and receives donations of Brand new Knickers for Women and Girls all year round.

If you’d like to donate Knickers, please TEXT Anita with your contact details on 07989741479
or email to arrange collection or drop off.

Thanking you for your support!

  • Lots and lots of Knickers donated to The Knicker Lady by the generous people in Southend-on-Sea for the ladies in Mpongwe