The Feeding Programme

Poverty is rife across many rural and remote communities across the developing world, and over the past 30-years many have been the African countries which have struggled to feed their people, for many reasons including:

  • Devastating droughts caused by climate change
  • War and civil unrest
  • Disease, which has left many children orphaned and without the skills to farm and feed themselves

The Mumba Children’s Project is committed to delivering a minimum of one-nutritious meal per day to every child in Mpongwe.

This is achieved through the School Garden where children are taught:

  1. How prepare the land to grow the food they eat.
  2. How to prepare and cook the food they grow.
  3. Basic Health and Nutrition


Working together as a community the boys and girls learn to work together as a team under the watchful eye of their teacher and adults from the community.