The School Building Project

Education provides the critical advantage to the advancement of the individual student participating in education – Through Education, people no matter their age are able to achieve more for themselves ~ see their dreams and aspirations fulfilled; as well as contribute more effectively to the well-being and prosperity of their communities; this is true the world over.

At the Mumba Children’s Project, the children of Mpongwe didn’t have a permanent weatherproof school-room, so while education was initially provided in the temporary school structure, building a permanent school room and office has been one of the charities major works programmes over the past 3-years.

The School Project has been a labour love, built on the foundations of providing hope for a better future for the children of Mpongwe, Zambia.

  • Before the Permanent School Building, children had their lessons in the hut, or in the open.

Future Developments of the School House & Office

There is always more work to do and more that we want to do to improve the school house and office.
We're also working hard to add other new facilities for the children and young people of Africa in general and particularly the children of Mpongwe where we have been working on building our African Centre...

We need funding help to support the following developments:

  • The School and Office Building needs the following work to be done on it: Installing a Floor, Windows & Lighting
  • The school also needs desks, chairs, and blackboards.

The School House and office needs:
Flooring, Windows & Lighting

We also need:
Black Boards, Desks & Chairs